Class Reps

The Class Reps meeting for 2019-2020 will be held on:

  • Tuesday 24 September 2019
  • Tuesday 26 November 2019
  • Tuesday 21 January 2020
  • Tuesday 31 March 2020
  • Tuesday 5 May 2020
  • Tuesday 7 July 2020 - last meeting

These meetings are held at 2-3pm in the school staffroom.

 Our current Class Reps are:

Class Class Rep
Owlets Mrs Fawcett
RSO - Foxes Mrs Wanless
RS - Badgers Mrs Crowhurst
1BM Mrs Farmer
1BF Mrs Preager
2B Mrs England
2C Ms Magri
3S Mrs Whitney
3F Miss Howard
4S Mrs Bradshaw
4L Mrs England
5V Mrs Lamb
6M Mrs Winchester
6P Mrs Attwood

There are still some vacancies available, if you would like to put yourself forward for your child's class please contact Mrs Turvey, Deputy Headteacher via the school email -

The role of Class Rep will involve you being a point of contact for your child’s class parents, posting updates on your class’s dedicated Facebook page and attending a one hour meeting every half term in school.

The meetings are held by Mrs Turvey and are a forum for you to feedback any views from the parents in your class. Each meeting follows an agenda, with regular updates on projects and initiatives being run around the school.

Following the first Class Reps meeting, the team put together some Dos  and Don'ts of being a Class Rep.


  • Support the school.
  • Communicate information to all parents in your class.
  • Create and maintain positive relationships.
  • Help to improve communication.
  • Look at ways to improve the school – remain solutions focused.
  • Need to be approachable and happy to help.


  • Not to be used as a forum to complain or moan about the school or an individual member of the teaching team or parent community.

Please find below the Class Rep meeting minutes:



Class Reps Meeting Minutes 21-01-20
Class reps meeting minutes - 26-11-19
Class Reps Meeting Minutes - 24-09-19
Class Reps Meeting Minutes - 09-07-19
Class Reps Meeting Minutes - 14-05-19
Class Reps Meeting Minutes - 12-03-19
Class Reps meeting minutes - 22-01-19
Class Reps Meeting Minutes - 20-11-18
Anti-bullying doc tabled at meeting - 20-11-18