School Parliament

We have a ‘School Council' which consists of 14 pupils chosen by their Class Teacher and class from Years 1-6. Each class has a school council representative. The School Council makes decisions, after consulting with their peers, about changes in our School. Recent decisions have been; playground and lunch time developments, road safety, thinking about how to improve the school toilets and cloakrooms and selecting charities for the school to support. 

Why do we need a School Council?

For many years all the decisions about children were made by adults. But adults don’t always make the right decisions, sometimes because they haven’t talked to the children about the issue.

By being on the School Council the children are able to help the adults in our School make the right decisions for the children and the School.

What is the job of a School Councillor?

  • To go to School Council meetings and take part in discussions
  • To let your class know what was talked about at the meetings
  • To take the ideas and views of your classmates to the Council
  • To be involved in activities that the School Council runs
  • To lead by example - always showing good behaviour to others