Burstow Bear Blog

Pleased to meet you, my name is Bertie and I am the official Burstow Bear.

I have my own blog at the school, writing about my adventures with our children around the school, out on school trips, as well as spending time with children on their school holidays!

My aim at school is to have lots of fun with the children, and share in their enjoyment of learning.


November 2018

Class 5P Art Lesoon

Hi, it’s Bertie here! Today I spent the whole day in Class 5P where we had an Art day.

We were painting flowers inspired by the different styles of Picasso. We painted two pieces using bright colours and dull colours to create a mood in our work. I had a great time sniffing all the flowers but I kept on sneezing and falling over!

At the end of the day, I had to really clean my paws to get off all the paint. What a great day!

Bertie with flower and pencilBertie with paint brushGroup Class 5P entry



Class 5S Chicken Week!

From 21st to 28th September Class 5S had their chicken week which meant they got to look after the chickens all week in groups of 7. Bertie was invited along for the week to learn alongside the children more about how our friendly chickens live at the school.

Ameile commented, “We had to take the eggs out. Then we put mealworms on our boots and the chickens ate them. Then we had to refill the water which was heavy! We had to fill the food which was really low. We had Bertie the Burstow Bear to help us and take pictures with!”

October blog 2October blog 1


Year 6 Residential Trip

Monday 1st October 2018

Monday was an adventurous day. We all had fun on the coach watching our parents waving,smiling, weeping and cheering. We waved goodbye and began our amazing but, tiring journey to Norfolk Lakes. When we were about half way we stopped for lunch and a toilet break. I went to the toilet with some of my friends and then ate the lovely packed lunch that Mrs Wright made for me.

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

On Tuesday I overcame my fear of heights. With the encouragement of my friends and the instructors I made it really high up in the sky.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Wednesday was a wet and cold day Mrs Wright and I went on a kayak together. I sat in Mrs Wright’s shoe, it was great fun especially when I nearly fell in the freezing cold water. We went over to see the canoers, they looked like they were having lots of fun too playing games.

Thursday 4th October 2018

Thursday was our last full day It was one of the funiest days. We made a raft which was succesful because I got off just before everybody fell off! I wore a wetsuit [a tailored bin bag] which was very tight.  After dinner we went off and did archery, it was thrilling.

Friday 5th October 2018

Friday was really sad because we had to leave but before we got on the coach I said goodbye to the football pitch and had a drink. Then we had to go. The journey felt really short although it was three hours. Over the Dartford Bridge we went, spotting all the famous landmarks as we went and when we got back the parents were cheering. What a great week. Thank you Year 6.

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Nursery & Reception

Bertie has really enjoyed visiting all of our new Nursery and Reception children in their homes this month. He was so excited to see everyone again so he came and met all of the children on their first days of school. Bertie enjoyed having photos with all of us, playing, joining in at snack time and joining in with different games to get to know us.

We can’t wait to see Bertie again soon!


Sept 2018 Reception photo

The children in Owlets Nursery have all settled well, with a little help from Bertie! Last week they found apples growing on one of their trees. Bertie helped them to harvest them, wash them, chop them up, cook them and of course, eat them!

Come back soon Bertie, we love to see you.

Sept 2018 Nursery