Burstow Bear Blog

Pleased to meet you, my name is Bertie and I am the official Burstow Bear.

I have my own blog at the school, writing about my adventures with our children around the school, out on school trips, as well as spending time with children on their school holidays!

My aim at school is to have lots of fun with the children, and share in their enjoyment of learning.


February 2020

Bertie Bear joined classes around the school during Children’s Mental Health Awareness week. He found out some interesting things about children in Burstow Primary School. Bethanie told us all about her Grandad who fought in the war and showed us photographs of him during his service. She said, “When I need to be brave I think of my Grandad and how brave he was.”

Bertie also heard how a boy in Early Years wears his Spiderman mask when he wants to be brave.

Bertie also heard about other children’s bravery, including a child who entered a gymnastics competition and was very nervous, however she decided she needed to be brave and won!

In Year 6 Bertie also watched clips from Harry Potter and discussed with the class how Harry was brave and what he was most likely feeling.

A great week of awareness.

Bertie Blog photo spiderman Feb 2020Bertie Blog photo Gym Feb 2020


January 2020

Bertie joined Year 2 for their 'Time Travellers' Discovery Day this half term. The children were learning about the past and gained an insight into the different significant events they were going to learn about. Throughout the day, Bertie and the children thought of important events that happen throughout the year and decided to have their very own New Years Eve party! The children made colourful party hats and banners to decorate the hall. They also made a range of healthy party food all by themselves! Bertie was so impressed with how sensible the children were when preparing the food. At the end of the day, Bertie joined Year 2 in the hall for their party.

Bertie bear blog girl pineapple photo Jan 2020Bertie blog bear with boy sandwich Jan 2020Bertie blog bear with food Jan 2020


December 2019

Bertie had a great time at the school Christmas lunch on Wednesday 18th December. He joined the Nursery and Reception class children and their teachers for a fantastic festive feast!

Dec bertie blog little girl xmasDec bertie blog little girl boy xmas


November 2019

Bertie came along to the Year 3 Dinosaur celebration on the 23rd October. He looked at the children’s beautiful artwork and was so impressed by the skeletons the children had made out of cotton buds! He enjoyed looking through the children’s books and seeing how hard they have been working as well as meeting their parents. Bertie joined in with the fascinating Dino quiz whilst the children were able to show off everything they had learned. Bertie was also able to watch the children perform a dinosaur rap about a Diplodocus. Roar-some!

Year 3 Bertie Bear Blog Nov 2019

Before the end of the half term, Year 5 wrote persuasive letters to the Science and Technology Facility Council and NASA persuading them to let us ‘Borrow the Moon’. They were successful in their efforts and amazingly Burstow Primary School were lent a number of Earth and Space rocks. These included a lunar disc with samples of parts of the moon as well as an large iron meteorite and a Martian meteorite. Year 5 had a brilliant topic exit day exploring these rocks with Bertie Bear. Together they examined flour and sand under a microscope to compare which was most like the soil from the moon. They investigated the relationship between the size of crater made and the height at which they dropped a marble into flour. To finish off the day the children and Bertie Bear made edible craters in the form of rocky roads! The children were very impressed with all the rock samples and they had a wonderful science day with Bertie Bear.

Year 5 Bertie Bear Blog Entry Nov 2019

October 2019

I had the privilege of accompanying the lovely Year 6’s on their residential at Norfolk Lakes. I had a fantastic time across the entire week.

Some of my highlights included, rock climbing, team games, canoeing, sailing, archery and shooting. It was a really great opportunity to bond with the Year 6’s and learn to collaborate and work together to complete tasks and conquer my fear of heights!

I was well looked after by the children and teachers in Year 6 and I was even invited to join Miss Perkin’s group for hot chocolate and snacks one wet and cold evening.

The food was great throughout the week, so much so that so after each and every meal I felt well and truly stuffed (pardon the pun). I very much enjoyed the week away and I cannot wait for next year!

Oct bertie bear blog photo Year 6 hot choc party Oct bertie bear blog photo Year 6 climbing activity


September 2019

Bertie Bear could not wait to come and visit all of our Reception children as soon as they started school. He remembered all of his visits to their homes and recognised lots of the children’s smiley faces! Bertie was lucky enough to join in with lots of our daily activities such as ‘Wake up Shake up’, playdough disco and being a patient in the Doctors role-play. He is so impressed and proud of how all of the new Reception children have settled in, and he can’t wait to visit for more adventures soon.

September 2019 photo


July 2019

Bertie Bear and Year 4 enjoyed a great day out visiting the British Museum on Wednesday 17th July. We travelled there by coach and passed many famous London sites.

While at the museum, we explored a number of different areas but mainly focused on Ancient Egyptian mummies, statures and coffins. During the visit we also looked at some of the artefacts from Ancient Greece, ready for Year 5. All the children were amazed at how beautiful and colourful each sarcophagus looked.

Harry commented, "The mummies were my favourite."

Isabel mentioned that, "We saw many fascinating artefacts and I recorded everything in my notepad”.

Finally Nikola said, "I was so excited, the museum was huge!" Thankfully we were able to rest on the long journey back to school.

Well done to all of the children in Year 4 for their great behaviour and the parents who came along to support us.

Group shot Year 4 Museum Statue Year 4 Museum

June 2019

Bertie Bear had a fantastic time with all the Year 3’s at High Ashurst. Everyone arrived at school with lots of luggage and excitement ready for the coach journey. When we arrived at High Ashurst, we explored the campsite and heard about all the fun activities we would be doing. In our groups, we set off and completed our different challenges. Bertie started with team tasks where the children had to guide each other round a trail, blindfolded! Bertie watched as the children successfully collaborated and listened to each other. Before bed, Bertie enjoyed a delicious dinner with his new friends. The children got ready for bed and settled down with their sleeping bags in the tepees. Bertie bear finished the day with a bedtime story.

The next day, the children set off on their next activities. Bertie went with Millie to do some orienteering. The groups used maps to explore the whole area and find hidden clues. The last activity was learning some exciting woodland skills. The children created fire, made popcorn and used charcoal to decorate their faces, Bertie ended up looking like a tiger!

At the end of the day the children packed up their belongings and headed home (with a scrumptious lunch in tow).

Around the camp fire 3 girls bertie

May 2019

On our school trip we went to Oakhyrst Grange School. Bertie had fun playing eye spy on the coach. When we arrived Bertie looked around in the marvellous forest. Hannah and I made a hammock for Bertie and made a little house for the ‘minpin forest people’. Bertie opened the door to one of the houses and peeked inside to see all the furniture we had put in there. Then Bertie sat down for a nap in the nest we had built together.

May bertie blog 2 childrenMay bertie blog minpin forest peopleMay bertie blog 3 girls


March & April 2019

Bertie Bear came along to our exciting Space discovery day on 25th February! The Reception children arrived to find that there had been a rocket crash landing, and after discovering lots of clues and listening to different sounds the ‘Moonbeam’ alien family were found. Reception were hooked by this and very keen to learn and find out about the family, as well as where they had come from up in space. Bertie enjoyed observing and being part of the fun packed day. He loved listening to the questions the children had and finding out about what the children wanted to explore and know about space. During the day Bertie was involved in lots of space themed activities with the children such as building space rockets and homes for the alien family, as well as taking part in space yoga. He also came on a journey to space in a rocket with the children. Miss Hodgson also came to visit to tell us about her exciting trip to NASA! Finally he read lots of the interesting letters that some of the children had written to NASA. He can’t wait to come back again soon!

NASA photo


February 2019

Today I had a lovely time with the staff and children at lunchtime. I was allowed to help prepare the delicious food, help the servers and try lunch in the lunch hall. I loved the fresh fruit – it was so juicy!

After lunch, I went outside with the children and there was so much to do. I watched a football match, listened to a story in the Pavilion Library, danced to music outside the Science room, went on the climbing frame, hid in the wig-wams, played in the Den area and even climbed a tree!

Poppy said to me: “Our school dinners are just like my Mum’s cooking at home”. Freya said to me: “we like dancing at lunchtime!”

IMG 0685IMG 0695IMG 0701IMG 0705


January 2019

I joined both Year 4 classes on Friday 25th January for their exciting Fizzpop Science workshop! I had a great time watching the class stick balloons around the classroom, join hands and paws (!) to make a light stick work and most of all watching the hair raising effects from when the children touched a Van Der Graaf generator – sadly my fur was too short for this to work on me though! Thank you to Year 4 for such a fun and Science packed day in class!

Fizz Pop boy hair Jan 2019Bertie fizz pop photo Jan 2019Fizz pop har raising photo Jan 2019


December 2018

Bertie the Burstow Bear joined the Owlets Nursery for a special Superhero dressing up day. The children had been learning what it means to be a superhero and had been training hard for weeks using their looking eyes, listening ears, super strength and balance among many things. The dressing up day was a chance for everyone to put on their costumes and pose for the camera. Even Bertie put on his cape as he smiled for his certificate.

Bertie superhero Boy superheros Girls superheros


November 2018

Hi, it’s Bertie here! Today I spent the whole day in Class 5P where we had an Art day.

We were painting flowers inspired by the different styles of Picasso. We painted two pieces using bright colours and dull colours to create a mood in our work. I had a great time sniffing all the flowers but I kept on sneezing and falling over!

At the end of the day, I had to really clean my paws to get off all the paint. What a great day!

Bertie with flower and pencilBertie with paint brushGroup Class 5P entry



From 21st to 28th September Class 5S had their chicken week which meant they got to look after the chickens all week in groups of 7. Bertie was invited along for the week to learn alongside the children more about how our friendly chickens live at the school.

Ameile commented, “We had to take the eggs out. Then we put mealworms on our boots and the chickens ate them. Then we had to refill the water which was heavy! We had to fill the food which was really low. We had Bertie the Burstow Bear to help us and take pictures with!”

October blog 2October blog 1


Year 6 Residential Trip

Monday 1st October 2018

Monday was an adventurous day. We all had fun on the coach watching our parents waving,smiling, weeping and cheering. We waved goodbye and began our amazing but, tiring journey to Norfolk Lakes. When we were about half way we stopped for lunch and a toilet break. I went to the toilet with some of my friends and then ate the lovely packed lunch that Mrs Wright made for me.

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

On Tuesday I overcame my fear of heights. With the encouragement of my friends and the instructors I made it really high up in the sky.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Wednesday was a wet and cold day Mrs Wright and I went on a kayak together. I sat in Mrs Wright’s shoe, it was great fun especially when I nearly fell in the freezing cold water. We went over to see the canoers, they looked like they were having lots of fun too playing games.

Thursday 4th October 2018

Thursday was our last full day It was one of the funiest days. We made a raft which was succesful because I got off just before everybody fell off! I wore a wetsuit [a tailored bin bag] which was very tight.  After dinner we went off and did archery, it was thrilling.

Friday 5th October 2018

Friday was really sad because we had to leave but before we got on the coach I said goodbye to the football pitch and had a drink. Then we had to go. The journey felt really short although it was three hours. Over the Dartford Bridge we went, spotting all the famous landmarks as we went and when we got back the parents were cheering. What a great week. Thank you Year 6.

October blog residential ThursdayOctober blog residential WednesdayOctober blog residential MondayOctober blog residential Friday


Bertie has really enjoyed visiting all of our new Nursery and Reception children in their homes this month. He was so excited to see everyone again so he came and met all of the children on their first days of school. Bertie enjoyed having photos with all of us, playing, joining in at snack time and joining in with different games to get to know us.

We can’t wait to see Bertie again soon!


Sept 2018 Reception photo

The children in Owlets Nursery have all settled well, with a little help from Bertie! Last week they found apples growing on one of their trees. Bertie helped them to harvest them, wash them, chop them up, cook them and of course, eat them!

Come back soon Bertie, we love to see you.

Sept 2018 Nursery