At Burstow Primary School, R.E. lessons will provoke challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. Our R.E. curriculum allows children to discover and gain an insight into religions within the world that we live. We see that the teaching of R.E. is vital for children to understand others beliefs and make connections between their own values. It is our role to ensure pupils are being inquisitive by asking questions about the world around them by allowing pupils to gain high quality experiences. We will encourage pupils to learn about religious and non-religious worldviews in order to discover, explore and consider different answers to these questions. They will learn to interpret, analyse, evaluate and critically respond to the claims that religious and non-religious worldviews make. Pupils will learn to express their insights and to agree or disagree respectfully.

Ultimately, we want to adopt a holistic approach to Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC), British Values, that pupils for life in the 21st century in a fun, engaging and memorable way. We want children to develop their own self-awareness and to break down barriers and stereotypes, in order to create curious, loving, open and philosophical learners.

RE Implementation-
R.E. is taught weekly, by each class teacher. To ensure high standards of teaching and learning RE, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. RE is fully aligned to the national curriculum and is in line with the Surrey Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education
Learning activities are recorded in ‘Floor Books’. These books will celebrate pupils’ learning. Learning activities will be presented in creative and fun ways through art, discussions, drama, debates, computing, lego, news reporting, storytelling, hot seating, thought / emotion tunnels and whole class mind-mapping on white boards.
Educational visits are an opportunity for the teachers promote the learning of RE outside the classroom. At Burstow Primary School the children teachers will aim to ensure all children have the opportunity to experience the teaching of RE on educational visits. The children will explore local places of worship and have visitors into school.
Assemblies will take place across the whole school and across both key stages. These will be delivered by the subject leader, class teachers and our local vicar Reverend Nicholas.