Headteacher Welcome

Please see below for a welcome video from our Headteacher, Miss Hodgson.

A very warm welcome to our website!

Claire Hodgson 2

I hope it will give you a flavour of how much we enjoy making childhood a thoroughly happy and thoroughly successful time for every one of our children and their families! You will notice that pictures of chickens and other natural things crop-up a lot through our website and this is because we prize the kindness, compassion, motivation, intrigue and empathy that children learn from being outdoors and from working together in a team responsible for caring for our furry or feathered friends. (Of which our school has many now!)

Although our children achieve high results here, we also know that this is only one part of what will make them successful in their lives. We recognise that they must also master the softer skills to really thrive in the future. Skills such as; how to get along with other people, how to think of their own ideas and problem solve, how to be calm and meditate, have self-control and self-awareness, how to keep trying even when things go ‘wrong’, to have a positive outlook on life and believe that they themselves have the power to make changes in their own lives, to be kind to other people and look to add happiness to the world and find positives from challenges they will face. The other part is, of course, the support and interest you give them at home- your love and belief that they can ‘do it’ is crucial to your son or daughter making excellent progress.

Mindset is everything at our school and having a healthy self-belief that effort will get you where you want to go is at the core of everything we do. We have high expectations of all children and of our staff too but not at the expense of well-being. Here, ‘good enough’ is not good enough, we want children, staff and families to be supported and motivated to dream BIG and to make it happen!

Enjoy browsing the site and, if you have a minute, let us know if there is anyway we might improve it.

We very much hope you will come and visit us here very soon.

Miss C Hodgson